Data validation in Google Sheets is a feature that restricts the type of data or values in a specific cell. This can be done to ensure accuracy, maintain consistency, and improve usability in spreadsheets. For example, you can set data validation to restrict user input to a list of values or to numbers within a specific range, the image below shows what we are going to do in the job column.

data validation in google sheets

Let us break it down step by step:

Steps to Set Up Data Validation in Google Sheets

The first step in data validation for Google Sheets is to select the cells you want to apply data validation on.

data validation in google sheets

Go to Data and select Data Validation from the drop-down menu.

data validation in google sheets

In the new window, select Add rule.

Type your first option in Option1. Click on Option 2 and type your second option and so on.

data validation in google sheets

After completing typing your options click Done. For this example I added the following options:

  • SEO Specialist
  • Marketing Associate
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Content Marketing and Copywriting
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Analysis
data validation in google sheets

Bonus Tip

Google Sheets also can reject an invalid entry. This can help protect your data from inaccurate inputs, such as typos or invalid choices. To do this, simply go to the Data Validation window Advanced options and click “Reject the input” finally click Done. Now, google sheets will prevent anyone from deleting any option from the option list.

Set a Numeric Range With the Data Validation Tool

If you want to allow user input only within a certain numeric range, you can use the Data Validation Tool to define a minimum and maximum value. To do this, open the Data Validation menu and make your selection, choose is between from the Allow drop-down menu. Then enter your minimum and maximum values in the fields provided. Click the Reject the input then Done. Once saved, all numerical entries must be between 20 and 30 in order for them to be accepted.

How Does Data Validation Work in Google Sheets?

Data validation in Google Sheets allows you to add rules that work as a form of protection for your data. The rules act as instructions, telling the user what type of data can be entered and stopping any incorrect information from being added. Rules can be customized and set to allow specific values or particular types of information within a cell or range of cells; this prevents anything else from being added. You also have the ability to provide messages to help users understand why their entry is being rejected and which value is allowed into the cell.

What are the Benefits of Data Validation in Google Sheets?

There are numerous benefits to using Data Validation in Google Sheets – increased accuracy, better data management, improved user experience, and less manual effort. Data that is entered consistently reduces errors and saves time, as well as eliminates the need for manual checks after data entry. Additionally, Data Validation helps reduce the risk of segmentation errors because inappropriate or undesirable values cannot be entered into your spreadsheet. All of these advantages add up to creating a more accurate and efficient data workflow.

Summary For Data Validation In Google Sheets

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