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Google Sheets basic functions are an invaluable tool for anyone working with spreadsheet data. These helpful formulas can help you organize and manipulate data quickly. Knowing how to use the google sheets function will make your workflow more efficient. It will help you gain better insights into your data.

SUM Google Sheets Function – To get the sum of a range of cells

google sheets function

Need to add up all the numbers in your Google Sheet? The SUM function can do the trick! Just type “=SUM(D5:D9)” (without quotes) into an empty cell, I selected the cell D11 and hit Enter. Want to add together multiple columns or rows of numbers? Update the range for each one and you’re good to go! The SUM function makes it easy and fast to add up values from multiple cells or a range at once.

AVERAGE Google Sheets Function – To get the average of a range of cells

google sheets function

Finding the average of a range of numbers on Google Sheets is easier with the AVERAGE function. Simply input “=AVERAGE(D5:D9)” (without quotes), switching the cell range as necessary, and you’re good to go. This formula will generate an average value of all values within the specified range, whether it’s across columns or rows. Additionally, this command can be used with multiple columns or rows – simply change the cells range each time!

COUNTA Function – To count a range of cells

google sheets function

The COUNTA function in Google Sheets can be more quickly and accurately count the number of cells that contain values or data.
To use the COUNTA function in Google Sheets, you must first identify the range of cells that contains the data you want to count. In our example above the range is D5:D9.

All you need to do is type “=COUNTA (range),” where “range” is the cell range that contains your data (D5:D9). Like other formulas, you can also set parameters such as values greater than or between two specific numbers to refine the count more effectively.

MIN & MAX Function – To find the minimum and maximum for a range of cells

google sheets function

The MIN and MAX functions on Google Sheets are great for quickly figuring out the minimum or maximum value of a range. To use either of these functions, type “=MIN(D5:D9)” (without quotes), replacing D5:D9 with the range of cells you want to get the minimum or maximum for, and it will return the result. Additionally, if you want to calculate the MAX or MIN values for multiple columns or rows of numbers at once, all you have to do is change the range for each column or row you want to include in your calculations.


Google sheets offer a wide array of helpful functions for both personal and professional use. For example, basic functions such as SUM, AVERAGE and MAX can help you quickly analyze data.

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