conditional formatting in google sheets

Conditional formatting in Google Sheets is an easy way to add dynamic visuals to your data and make it easier to analyze. With simple rules, you can quickly highlight important or interesting parts of your data set with varying colors and patterns – all without writing a single line of code!

Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

Color Scale

Creating a visual representation of data is important in understanding and analyzing it. With Google Sheets’ Color Scale Conditional Formatting, you can make it easy to represent data any way you like. This step-by-step guide will help you set up Color Scale Conditional Formatting, and make the most of it to organize and better understand your data.

We are going to color the Marks column to look as in the image below:

conditional formatting in google sheets

Setting up Color Scale Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets is an easy process. First, select the cells you wish to format. Next, click the “Format” option from the menu bar at the top of your screen and select “Conditional formatting” from the drop-down menu, or right-click your mouse after selecting choose ‘view more cell actions’ and then conditional formatting. From here, choose “Color scale” from the list of options that appears onscreen.

Once you have set up the Color Scale Conditional Formatting feature in Google Sheets, it’s time to decide on a color scheme. Selecting the right color scheme is an essential step because it allows you to represent your data in an easy-to-understand format that also looks visually appealing. To make the most of this feature, experiment with different colors and saturation levels until you find one that works best with your data. Additionally, consider choosing lighter shades for less important data points and darker hues for more significant values.

After you’ve decided on the right color scheme to use, it’s time to review your choice and ensure that the colors you have chosen are accurate. To check the accuracy, map out each color’s range on a scale and see if it accurately shows what values are represented in that particular range. Additionally, take a look at all of the data points present and make sure that none of them appear outside of their respective ranges. If any outliers exist, revise your color scheme until an appropriate balance between accuracy and the visual appeal is achieved.

After you’ve selected the perfect coloring scheme for your cells, click “Done” and enjoy how much easier your spreadsheet has become to analyze!

conditional formatting in google sheets
conditional formatting in google sheets

Two Conditional Rules In 1 Column

You can apply two conditional formatting rules to the same range or elements of the same cell using a combination of custom formulas and preset styles. This allows you to compare data differently, highlight differences, and quickly draw attention to specific values in your spreadsheet. With this powerful feature, you can improve the reporting of your data in no time. Let us explain it in an example:

conditional formatting in google sheets
conditional formatting in google sheets
conditional formatting in google sheets

Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets With Checkboxes

Firstly let us clean our spreadsheet by removing gridlines

conditional formatting in google sheets

Let us begin, you’ll need to create a checkbox. To do this, head over to the menu bar, and click Insert > Checkbox. This will place a checkbox next to your spreadsheet cells. To apply it to multiple rows or columns at once, select the range of cells you wish to include and then click Insert > Checkbox. Once that’s done, you’re ready to move on to setting up conditional formatting!

conditional formatting in google sheets

To change the cell value based on whether the checkbox is checked or not, select the cell you’d like to apply the conditional formatting to, in our case, it is the range C3:C5. Next, go to Format > Conditional Formatting and choose ‘Custom formula is’ in the formatting rule section. Type ‘=B3=TRUE’ and click Done. Your conditional formatting will now be applied!

conditional formatting in google sheets

Correct email addresses by Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to quickly highlight cells based on the value it contains. But with the NOT ISEMAIL function, you can use complex logical operations to create more nuanced formatting effects that go beyond just simple cell values.

With the NOT ISEMAIL function, you can now analyze cases where a cell may not be formatted properly or contains an incorrect email address.

Using the NOT ISEMAIL function in Google Sheets Conditional Formatting is easy and fast. In order to get started, select the range of cells you want to apply the effect to, then choose an “action” from the menu bar depending on what type of formatting you are looking for, such as filling a cell’s background with a color or adding borders. In our example below we asked to generate red color for unacceptable emails form. After selecting this action, select “Custom Formula is” from the popup window. Finally, type your formula in ‘=not(isemail(C3))’ and press Done.

conditional formatting in google sheets

Finally, I do advise you to check other posts to make conditional formatting in google sheets more clear such as: How To Add Checkbox in Google Sheets Step-By-Step and What is a Google Sheets? Tips for Beginners .

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